Opening Day - August 24

our varIeties

Our orchard has 22 varieties of apples that ripen from July to October. There are 5000 dwarf trees planted on 6.5 acres. Six of our varieties are available for u-pick Friday through Sunday in September and October with all other varieties already packaged and for sale on the farm. Tasting is available.

We supply Giant Eagle in Marietta with most of the varieties throughout the fall. The following list of our apple varieties are in order of approximate ripening. Not included below but we do grow and sell a minimal amount of are the Summer apples (Pristine, Williams Pride, and Redfree) - please ask for availability.

Buckeye Gala


A sweet slightly tart small - medium sized apple with yellow-white fine textured flesh and juicy qualities. Excellent for fresh eating as well as baking. 

Parentage: Kidd's Orange Red x Golden Delicious, New Zealand

Honey Crisp


Crisp, with a crunchy, juicy texture with both sweet and tart flavors equally represented in its taste. Excellent for fresh eating. 

Parentage: Macoun x Keepsake, 1991 University of Minnesota



Crisp and mildly tart with very white flesh which resists browning when cut. Excellent for fresh eating and salads. 

Parentage: McIntosh x Ben Davis, 1915 Geneva, New York

Ruby Jon


A Jonathan variety with a refreshing, subacid taste quality. Excellent for fresh eating and baking. 

Parentage: a sport variety of the original Jonathan apple, also known as the Jackson Johnson apple, Kentucky, 1996

Jona Gold


A blend of Jonathan and Golden Delicious offering a unique tangy-sweet flavor with firm texture. Excellent for fresh eating, salads, sauce, and baking.

Parentage: Jonathan X Golden Delicious, Geneva, New York 1968

Jona Prince


A red JonaGold variety from The Netherlands with excellent keeping qualities and a sweet-tart taste. 

Parentage: a naturally occurring mutation of a JonaGold tree in the discoverers' orchard in Weert, The Neatherlands, 1994



A unique Mutsu variety from Japan with a complex warm sweet flavor with rosy undertones. Excellent as a desert apple for fresh eating and salads. 

Parentage: Golden Delicious X Indo, 1949

Golden Delicious


Mildly sweet distinctive flavor with a firm flesh. Excellent for fresh eating, sauce and baking. 

Parentage: a chance seedling of Grimes Golden, West Virginia 1900

Red Delicious


America's largest-selling apple, Red Delicious is sweet with a firm texture when eaten fresh. Excellent for fresh eating and baking. 

Parentage: possible seedling of the Yellow Bellflower apple, Peru, Iowa 1880



A medium sized apple with an attractive, bright fluorescent pink red blush. Pinova tastes similar to Golden Delicious, but with a rosy undertone. Excellent for fresh eating, salads, and baking. 

Parentage: Duchess of Oldenburg X Cox's Orange Pippen, Pilnitz, Germany 1986



A sweet-tart combination of flavors that make this variety excellent for fresh eating, salads, sauce, baking and cider. 

Parentage: McIntosh x Red Delicious, Geneva, New York 1966



Spritely tart at harvest and sweetens with storage, Enterprise has many McIntosh qualities for fresh eating, sauce, and baking. 

Parentage: McIntosh X Starkling Delicious and Rome, Purdue University, Indiana 1982





Firm and crisp with a highly appealing aromatic flavor, Cameo is excellent for fresh eating, salads, sauce and baking. 

Parentage: a chance seedling discovered in Dryden, Washington 1987



Gold Rush


Rich, spicy and spritely flavored at harvest, GoldRush is fast becoming an orchard favorite. Excellent for fresh eating, salads, and baking. 

Parentage: Golden Delicious X Winesap and Melrose, Purdue University, Indiana 1972

Granny Smith


Crisp, tart and firm bodied, Granny Smith apples were developed by Australian grandmother Mrs. Maria Ann Smith in 1868. Excellent for fresh eating for tart taste lovers and for baking. 

Parentage: Malus domestica X Malus sylvestris (the original apple cultivar). New South Wales, Australia 1868

Pink Lady